Vagina health every woman should observe


It is easy and enjoyable to clean any part of the body from head to toes. For men, there aren’t special place in their bodies that require special treatment. In a woman hygiene plan, the honeypot is one of the areas that he will see maximum hygiene. Many women are caught up in the business of trying any know cleaner to make the place clean and boost their confidence. No woman will want her pleasure place to be a victim of bad smell. This are vagina health every woman should observe.

Vagina health every woman should observe

Don’t use soap and detergents in the place

gfhfghgfhfghgfhfghgfhSoaps are the reason many women suffer from the bad smell in their treasure spot and other complications. Many people use soaps to clean the place, and the results are unwanted. Soaps should completely be avoided in the place by any woman. Naturally, the woman body has useful bacterial planted in the opening of the virginal. They are responsible for a healthy look and absence of bad smell.

When soap is applied in the area, it collides and skills all the bacteria. This destroys how the virginal should stay naturally. The result is bad smell emerging from the area. In addition to that, the woman virginal has a pH of between 3.5 to4.5. This pH should stay like unaltered. When soaps are applied they either reduce or add the pH level. Avoid the mess. Keep soaps away.

Use a washcloth on the outside only

Many women make a mistake while cleaning the virginal by cleaning places that that should not be cleaned. First, be sure to use a different cloth for the virginal from other parts of the body. This is because the washing clothing can be a carrier of germs from other parts of the body to the virginal. Use a lot of clean water to wash the virginal. The cleaning should only be done on the outside of the vulva. This is the part if the virginal that is meant to be cleaned. Going beyond the vulva inside will do you much harm.

It will first leave the area very dry. The virginal is designed to stay moist. This is because our special bacteria that live around that part and cannot survive on a dry surface. Don’t kill some very useful bacterial, just clean the outside of the virginal with much clean water, and it will be well with your virginal health.

Wear a cotton underwear

gdfgdfgdfgdfgfdgdfgIt has become a trend that many women are choosing to stay without underpants. This is a dangerous move. Apart from protecting the woman from shame if winds blow skirts, the underwear has some medical importance. It prevents entry of dust to the area. Dust can be germs causing. The pant should be made of cotton and not nylon. Nylon creates a conducive environment for the multiplication of bacteria.