Uses Of Patchouli Oil

For decades now, patchouli oil has been known for its importance, ranging from its medicinal to cosmetic purposes. It has a pungent aroma which contains herbal and balsamic scent. It is extracted from Pogostemon Cabin, whereby a steam distillation procedure is used to obtain it. Just like wine, patchouli oil gets better with time. As time goes by, it gets strong and gains best of its properties, such as antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic. These properties and much more make it useful in various ways.

Below are some of this patchouli oil uses


If you are suffering from depression, you can try this oil out. It can help you to get over a sadness feeling and bring back new hope in your life. It works great when it is used for aromatherapy as it relaxes your tension, sends away disappointments and uplifts your spirits. Once you inhale patchouli oil, it stimulates certain hormones and initiates certain chemical reactions in your body. Hormones responsible for pleasure such as dopamine and serotonin are stimulated, which in turn make feelings such as anger, sadness, and anxiety disappear. It can also help to relieve these feelings if you use it for body massages.

For grounding and balancing emotions

If you want to connect with your body, consider using patchouli oil. It helps you to relieve patterns of shame, self-pity and makes you feel more self-love and accept your physical self. It acts a grounding support and reconnects you with your body, helping you to settle into it. This way, it compliments exercises which encourage body mindfulness such as yoga, and Tai Chi. If your body begins to dissociate and feels ungrounded and unbalanced due to anxiety and stress feelings, inhaling patchouli oil works great as it releases these feelings, hence balancing back your emotions.

Used in insecticides

Despite its sweet smell, patchouli oil is known to keep insects at a healthy distance. It is frequently used in vaporizers, sprays, fumigants, mosquito-repellents, body lotions and incense sticks to contain a widespread of insects. An alternative to this is mixing a few drops of patchouli oil with water before washing your clothes and beddings or burning the oil in your house to send the insects away and have a lasting effect.

Treating sexual problems

Its aphrodisiac property helps to treat problems such as low libido, impotence, frigidity, erectile dysfunction and disinterest in sex. Both men and women can find it useful as it can stimulate sexual hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, which enhances sex drive.