Understanding Cell Phone Tracing

The rise of communication technology has long gone beyond the simple ability to receive other people on the go. Today, mobile communication devices are becoming more technologically sophisticated and offer more than just the ability to continue a dialogue. For many years, phone companies have been able to locate a cell phone through triangulation data from the towers that receive the signal.

GPS Tracking

gadgetWhile GPS tracking of cell phones has many advantages, there are also privacy issues. Since most people carry their cell phones with them at all times, the possibility of tracking people’s particular movements is established. Cell phone GPS tracking can be useful in many areas of life, especially in emergencies. This feature alone could save lives. For these reasons, the FCC has instructed wireless network providers to give cell phones GPS location information.

Essentially, it is no different than a 911 call made from a property because the landline is voice-enrolled and the appropriate emergency services can be voice downloaded. However, where the difference occurs is that a home is not moving. Still, an observation from a GPS-enabled phone is recording an individual’s daily actions who have a reason for privacy concerns. This may capture such personal information.

Legal Standard

However, the current law on E911 is apparent. It authorizes carriers to share location data with third parties, for example, only for E911 emergency calls, but not under other conditions, without the cell phone owner’s consent. Therefore, GPS location can be a beneficial attribute for business owners and fleet managers who need to track vehicle movements.

As technology advances, future features will be much healthier. Based on GPS observation signals, which are used to find your way to a location, calculate your speed based on your location change over time, calculate the estimated time of arrival, report another way, and the caller to determine along with your ETA! In-car GPS navigation systems can perform many of these tasks, but it is the portability of cell phones that makes them suitable for this specific technology.

Additional Info

Cell phone GPS tracking could also be used to track your children’s movements and extend the safety of elderly relatives if something happens and they need urgent help. These features will help ensure cell phones’ future as a GPS tracking device that is an asset to everyone. The privacy of cell phone GPS tracking continues to be supported by many current court cases. These events will ensure that solitude issues do not compromise cellular GPS monitoring benefits and that its potential and long-term usefulness is assured.