A scent can powerfully affect our moods and emotions. Essential oils have scents with aromatic molecules that can cross the blood/brain barrier. This effect applies to brain parts that are responsible for controlling stress, anxiety, and depression.

Essential oils that can help in stress, anxiety and depression reduction and treatment


When one inhales lavender, the molecules go to the brain and interacts with parts associated with emotions. Once it reaches these areas, it sedates them and hence reducing feelings of stress, fear, anxiety and depression. Apart from these feelings, it cures others such as headaches, insomnia, and hypertension.


This a mood-boosting essential oil which has powerful calming and antidepressant effects. It has a refreshing and uplifting scent that helps with the release of pent-up feelings such as sadness, pain, anxiety and depression. It also helps in redirecting nervous energy away from addictive and unproductive behavior and hence helping to rediscover optimism.


This essential oil is known to slow down breathing, something that comes handy when reducing fear, tension, anxiety and stress. Its warm and comforting aroma relaxes the body, uplifts its moods and heightens awareness.

Ylang Ylang

This scent helps to balance male and female energies. Its sweet, soft and flowery fragrance makes it effective in calming and relaxation. The relaxation and calmed mood restores one’s confidence and helps to release their nervous irritability, tension and anger feelings.


It’s a strong anti-anxiety remedy. Its scent has mood-enhancing and stress-relieving capabilities. Apart from this, it helps to improve cognitive performance due to its anti-inflammatory capabilities.


Its sweet and tangy aroma has calming effects on the brain. It uplifts the spirit and brings about a sense of security to an individual. It also helps to release nervous irritability and is also enriched with d-limonene antioxidant and anti-inflammatory component which has many health benefits such as improved metabolism, anti-cancer properties, and weight management.


It is an extremely versatile essential oil; it stimulates, uplifts and revives the spirit. It brings about the sense of security together with inspiring trust. It can be used to relieve confusion and worry as it helps you to beat obstacles and have a clearer perspective of issues.


Studies have shown that chamomile is relaxing and significantly helps to release anxiety and fight depression. This is enabled by the components in it, such as apigenin, bisabolol, and luteolin which help in relaxing blood vessels and smoothening muscle fibers.